All The Answers - 03/23/2012

   We hear a lot of grumbling about what's wrong with our country, and our government. This is not more grumbling, what this is are the ways to fix it. I have included answers for discussion (political chum). There are e-mail links at the end of each section. Send any input or further questions and we will respond. There's a link at the end if you can think of more catagories that we've missed. We will continue to update this page as input comes in. If you agree with the ideas, please forward it to our elected officials and the candidates running for office.

    Here are the questions and answers:

  1. The Constitution

  2. We have a set of rules and they are called the Constitution. All politicians are supposed to abide by the rules, all new laws are supposed to comply with these rules. Our founding fathers, created a way that we as people can amend our Constitution, as no document can accurately foretell the future. One amendment that is needed, is as follows "No law shall be passed that applies to any member of Congress differently than it does to the general population."

  3. Healthcare

  4. One of the biggest problems we face as a nation is the healthcare crisis. One of the biggest problems we face in fixing it is the insurance companies. The second biggest problem is the amount of money that is spent on healthcare. As citizens, it's going to cost us what it costs us, there is no way around it. With what's happened in other countries, coupled with the government's performance on the other issues in this country, we know for a fact the government needs to stay out of healthcare. There is only one thing they are "good at", that is collecting money and spending it. The government pays our healthcare premiums and a copay is charged for all procedures, but instead of collecting it, we deduct it from an account set up for each individual, that starts with a balance that reflects the average amount of annual copays. At the end of the year, a check is given to all individuals for the copays they have not used. We let the healthcare industry solve their problems and deal with the insurance companies. We let the insurance companies administer the healthcare, and compete with each other, and we let the government (us) pay for it. There is more than enough to do to keep all of them busy.

  5. The economy

  6. The Economy Is a mess, the credit limit of the Government has been more than exceeded. We need to scrap the income tax code and do a flat tax for everyone. Anyone who makes less than the poverty level plus the tax rate should not have to pay taxes, everyone else pays a flat rate. Businesses have two rates, one if they provide jobs another if they don't. Health care is paid for by the government so no business has to provide insurance for their employees. Medicare will still be deducted from payroll, as well as Social Security tax. The amount of Medicare will be added to the healthcare kitty along with the amount spent on Medical Assistance. The remainder needed for medical premiums will be taken from general revenue. The amount the government will pay on healthcare and Medicare and Medicaid will be fixed, because they will be paying a per person premium.

  7. Our rights

  8. Our founding fathers (and mothers) made this country what it is because we were the freest nation on earth. We have tried to spread the message of freedom worldwide. We have not been practicing what we preach, instead we have been eroding away our own rights daily. We do so apparently to keep safe and secure. We need to learn there is no such thing as 100% safe and secure. We need to understand there is a direct relationship between personal rights and personal responsibility. The more rights we have, the more responsibility we have. It's not rocket science it's simple common sense. If people do not accept responsibility for themselves someone will have to do it for them, that will come at a price. There'll always be those who wish to do nothing, there will always be those who wish to be in control. The ones who wish to do nothing need to understand that the ones who wish to control will pay their way, to control them.

  9. Foreign-Policy

  10. Our Foreign-Policy is a very delicate situation. The world is full of people that don't like us, or are jealous of us. We are not the world's police force, we will not be able to right all wrongs. We need to send a strong message that It will be in everyone's best interest to not interfere with us. We want to spread freedom worldwide, the best way is by example. Other nations may be content with the system they have, if that's the case we need to leave them alone regardless of what some in our society may think about their system. If others want help and they ask us for it we need to be supportive but not do it for them. We need to deal with real threats before they become more than a threat, while respecting their right to self defense. A lot of countries owe us a lot of money and they need to pay us, a lot of people in this country think we could do better by giving them more money. All aid should be need based including the needs of our own citizens.

  11. Education

  12. Education is very important if we are going to compete in today's world economy. It has also become a scam. Schools have become "larger than life". No one should have their degree paid for unless they are going to use it to become productive. People who want to go to school just to go to school can feel free to do so if they are the ones paying the bill. A good system would either allow or require students to spend time in the real world before they enter school. After that period of time any one at any age should be allowed access to the school and degree of their choice. Whatever needs to be done to make it affordable for all needs to be done. Schools and universities also need to justify their costs. Regardless of a student's aspirations, whether it's digging a ditch or brain surgery, the training needs to be available. Some people want to make their career their life, some people simply want a paying job they can walk away from at quitting time. Situations are different and people are different.

  13. Infrastructure

  14. As a mobile society, we have many different needs. Some people need a highway to drive on, some people need the electronic highway. Some people have no desire to go anywhere, either physically or electronically. Infrastructure is both necessary and expensive. The taxes required to pay for it should come from the sections that use it, e.g. roads should be built from taxes collected on fuel and tires. There needs to be a slight charge for e-mail. ISPs CAN provide a quota to their users. This will serve two purposes it will help reduce spam and it will provide for more "snail mail" to help the post office. The country's roads and bridges have been seriously neglected for a lot of years and there is a lot of work needed. While we need to find the most cost-effective way to do it, we need to do it now.

  15. Faith in government

  16. Faith in Government is at an all-time low, and deservedly so. when Congress has the same benefits and health insurance that all of us do it would help some. The only way people are going to put their faith back in their government is if they stop getting lied to. For some reason politicians feel they have to lie or they won't be elected. People complain about things like the amount of money spent on re-election campaigns, but they only vote for the ones that spend the most money. I don't completely fault the politicians for the dishonesty, people themselves are responsible for it because they won't vote for people that are honest with them. We are a government of the people, and the government reflects who we are.

  17. Mortgages

  18. What Has Happened with mortgages represents the stupidity of some people, it also represents the dishonesty of some of the big banks and mortgage companies such as Freddie Mac or Fannie Mae. It is time for the big banks to make it right. All current mortgages should be changed to reflect the current market value of property and homes. All foreclosures need to be 100% forgiven. The cost needs to be divided amongst the big banks and mortgage companies, with the ones having the most in assets and receiving the biggest bailouts paying the most. Any new mortgages need to fit into a standard set of guidelines where the mortgagee has the best chance of not defaulting.

  19. Student Loans

  20. Student Loans needs to be paid based on the ability of the payer, e.g. a busy brain surgeon can probably afford to pay back a student loan. Someone who was forced to take a job that did not use the education they paid for cannot, and those loans should be forgiven.

  21. Racism

  22. Racism Is One of the Easiest problems to deal with. You simply don't tolerate it, neither from the people who practice racism or the people who use it as an excuse. Racism began to die in the 1960s, it may take several more years for it to die out completely. It exists only where it is tolerated.

  23. Abortion

  24. abortion is a hot item, both sides of the argument have plausible answers. It has been a point of contention for too long and it is time for both sides to back off. The problem is, who gets to be declared the winner of the debate? There is a simple answer, the right of choice in most cases exists before the sexual act takes place. Nobody has conclusively defined when life begins, I don't know if it ever can be. Since we as a society have decided to protect those that cannot protect themselves, the right to life must prevail. By the same token those who have believed otherwise, either because it was legal or because the times made it the necessity should not be punished.

  25. Immigration

  26. Unless we are Native Americans we are all immigrants or descendents of immigrants. The difference in most cases is the legality of the immigration. The children of people who have come here illegally should not be forced to pay for the transgressions of their parents. Neither should the parents who clearly broke the law go without consequences. A simple solution is to end all entitlements for those who have come here illegally, give them the freedom to go home if they so desire or earn their citizenship here. Children who are born here are automatically citizens, those who are not born here are not. It's not complicated.

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